Voice of the Customer

What lies beneath the surface of your customer satisfaction scores?


Our clients see strategic value in complementing their CSAT or NPS data by hearing about their key customers’ relationship expectations and what the service reality is like from a totally independent perspective.

Because we are independent specialists, your customers will appreciate the investment you are making and will give us unfiltered insights about your current relationship status, their future purchasing intentions and your competitors that they can't or won’t easily give you, either in a survey or a face-to-face meeting. 

We record our conversations with your customers because we passionately believe that hearing the actual voice recordings of your key customers will inspire positive internal change in a way that survey scores never can.

What sets us apart?

  • Strategic intelligence – We are specialists with the experience and gravitas to have strategic conversations with senior decision makers in your key accounts and we will bring actionable intelligence back to your leadership teams
  • Voice - We record our conversations, so that your teams will hear sound clips of what customers actually think and feel –The evidence we gather from the voice of the customer is emotive and irrefutable, providing a powerful catalyst for culture change and profit improvement
  • International reach - We work comfortably across international time zones and are sensitive to cultural nuance when structuring our discussions with your customers. 

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