Commercial Due Diligence

Mitigating commercial risk 

Magnifying glass over a graph showing that with our consulting service you can get to the heart of account management best practice

Unprecedented trading conditions will almost certainly catalyse a raft of offensive and defensive transactions. Speed to market and a clear view of the commercial risks will be key. How can we help?

Our clients tell us that customer concentration, customer loyalty and supply chain stability are amongst the biggest risks to manage in any transaction, and they can often be deal breakers.

We work with clients who see the strategic value in using impartial Voice of the Customer insights to enhance the due diligence process.  

We are discreet. There is no mention of an impending transaction when we talk to customers and suppliers unless it is appropriate.

Key benefits of our approach:

  • Impartial and irrefutable – increased assurance for buyers and vendors
  • Identifies up-sell, cross-sell and profit improvement opportunities, pre or post-transaction
  • Identifies opportunities to strengthen key relationships and protect margins, pre-transaction
  • Minimal disruption and risk for vendors
  • Buyers make a more informed investment decision and are less inclined to challenge the valuation
  • Identifies future integration risks and improvement priorities for the acquirer
  • Speeds up the transaction process 

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