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"You forgot the bird seed!"

Published on 4th September 2018 by Tim Dixon-Phillip.

Iceberg with most of it submerged showing you can find more under the surface using our consulting services and voice of the customer methods

Do you remember that story about the parrot with the enthusiastic new owner?  The owner created a rich experience for the parrot with the aim of making things as easy as possible for the bird to enjoy a full life.  A state of the art cage and an elaborate measurement system was installed to track the parrot's movements, weight, body temperature etc. Over the first week, the owner was able to measure a worrying decline in the parrot's wellbeing.  Just before the parrot died, its final words to the dismayed new owner were "You forgot the bird seed!" If only the owner could have asked the parrot earlier...

B2B has become fascinated with measuring customer experience in recent years.  Asking customers about the relationship they actually want and their future intentions has taken a bit of a back seat as a result.

Because we are independent, Voice of the Customer specialists, your customers will give us unfiltered insights about the relationship they want, the experience they want and their future purchasing intentions which they can't or won't easily tell you.  In the brave new world of Big Data, the human touch and talking to customers is perhaps even more important.

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