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Has Big Data silenced the voice of the customer?

Published on 20th September 2018 by Bernadette Byrne.

Everywhere I turn I’m asked to rate a service. Cold callers ad nausea invite me to answer a few short questions. How clean are the toilets? How did we do? Just fill in this survey…As a customer service devotee, it pains me to now regard these simple requests as irritating.

I’ve spent most of my working life advocating the importance of providing and listening to feedback, both positive and negative. So what’s changed? What once was a genuine desire to gather customer feedback in order to improve the customer experience, to ensure customer retention and facilitate customer growth, has turned into an obsession for collecting scores.

What is interesting is that high CSAT or NPS scores do not necessarily translate into improved revenue and profit lines. We have seen plenty of companies with good overall CSAT scores, yet declining revenues and increased churn.

There is clearly a disconnect somewhere. Are the surveys asking the wrong questions? Or is it simply a case of the answers are hidden under a mountain of data. 

We specialise in actively listening to your key accounts and teasing out relationship insights and improvement ideas.  Because we are independent, they tell us more than they can easily tell you. 

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